The following guidelines have been set up in order to keep you, your children and teachers as safe as possible while we open during the COVID-19 pandemic:

1) The studio will run at 50% capacity.  Only 3 students allowed in the group room and 1 student allowed in the private room.

2) No use of the indoor waiting room.  You may, however, use the outside seating area and picnic table.

3) No food in the studio.  Students may bring their own water bottle which will not be shared.  Please write your name on the water bottle.

4) No use of the bathroom unless an emergency or if you come from outside of the Highland area.  The teacher must be notified if you need to use the bathroom.  Although I will do my best to wipe it down after each use, I will still leave wipes on the sink so that you may also wipe down surfaces prior to using them.  

5) Keyboards are spaced 6 feet apart and do not face each other.  They will be wiped down in between lessons and during the lesson if the situation warrants.  iPads and headphones will be wiped down as well.  

6)  There will be keyboard wipes and antibacterial at each piano.  

7)  All students MUST use anti bacterial prior to using the keyboards or ipads and during the lesson when the situation warrants.

8) Parents/siblings/friends are not allowed in the studio.  There are windows and doors for observation.  If you have a very young child that needs assistance during the lesson, please contact me prior to the lesson so that safe accommodations can be made.

9) Masks will be required in the studio. However, since masks eliminate peripheral vision which is necessary to playing the piano, I will be adopting the current “restaurant rule” and “summer camp” guidance.  A student does not need to wear the mask while seated and playing, however, any time they move from their bench, they will need to wear the mask.  PLEASE send your child with their own mask.  I do have some extras for when they are forgotten, but they are in limited supply.   Please know that I have students with special needs and very young students who find it challenging to wear a mask.  I need to find a balance between being sensitive to their needs while keeping everyone safe.  

10) I know each and every family and student who attends my studio. You have all been so supportive and cooperative and I am grateful for that.  I fully trust that you will NOT send any child who does not feel well or exhibits any symptoms of illness, even if they feel great.  I would err on the side of caution and ask that you not send your child into the studio if ANYONE in your household is not feeling well or exhibiting symptoms of illness.  If any of the teachers feel that a student does not look well - or if the student complains of not feeling well, we will use the forehead thermometer immediately and escort the student outside.  You will be called to pick them up.  PLEASE be readily available during your students lesson time.  If any of the teachers feel ill or exhibit symptoms of illness, in studio lessons will be cancelled until such time that we are sure it is not COVID related.

These guidelines are a starting point.  They are flexible and fluid and their success depends upon feedback from teachers, parents and students alike.  It is important that we keep the lines of communication open and that any concerns or suggestions are shared promptly.  Lessons have been set up so that they can easily accommodate in studio, at home, or a combination of both.  Of course, anyone who is not ready to venture out this summer will still have the Zoom option.